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“Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in these terms” (IASP).
The term "Sensory" means that we can specify the characteristics of the pain: its location? what to compare it to? its intensity? its evolution over time?
The term "Emotional" means that, by nature, the pain being unpleasant, it can be more or less bearable, painful, distressing.

Pain is a subjective and individual phenomenon, which makes it difficult to communicate. 

Pain works like an alarm signal. Its main role is to protect the body. Without it, we would not be aware that there is a “physical” lesion (for example a fracture). It encourages us to pay attention to the injured area, to be aware of the danger (for example, a burn provokes an immediate withdrawal reaction to stop the injury), and to seek care.

When the pain persists, it can also go “in memory”. Thus, in a situation that risks provoking pain that has already been experienced, the spontaneous, thoughtless reaction will be to avoid it.


Symtptômes de la fibromyalgie
Physiopathologie de la fibromyalgie
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